Meet TANT™ Trainers

Sarah T. Rhodes, MS Ed, MS Phil Ed and Lyndra J. Bills MD


Trauma Art Narrative Therapy™ has been organized and developed in its current form by Dr. Lyndra Bills.   Dr. Bills completed a BS in Chemistry at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Tx.  From there, she completed her medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  She then moved east to complete an internal medicine and psychiatry residency program at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.  Dr. Bills had the great fortune of being mentored while at WVU by Louis Tinnin MD.  Dr. Tinnin supported and fostered the study of traumatic stress and PTSD.  He actually developed a PTSD fellowship at WVU in the department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry and Dr. Bills was one of the first two residents to participate in this fellowship.  Dr. Bills benefitted from a rich clinical experience with effects of traumatic events upon both the mind and the body during her training.  She was also fortunate to have been introduced to social psychiatry practice and the importance of the therapeutic milieu, the significance of brain biology and pharmacology, the potential for somatic representation of traumatic stressors, and to the benefits of nonverbal and creative therapies.  In addition, Dr. Bills joined Dr. Sandra L. Bloom, the developer of the Sanctuary® Model of trauma-informed care.  In her clinical, teaching and training roles with the founding Sanctuary team, she helped to develop Sanctuary-S.E.L.F. as an organizational and clinical construct.  Dr. Bills has synthesized trauma treatment methodology as well as a comprehensive therapeutic model within the structure of Trauma Art Narrative Therapy.

During residency, Dr. Bills worked with Dr. Tinnin and Carmello Tabone ATR to use art techniques to help resolve the effects of trauma.  Dr. Tinnin continued his work and teaching a specific trauma treatment intensive at Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc.  Dr. Bills developed what is now Trauma Art Narrative Therapy™ and has been using TANT since 1993 in a wide variety of clinical settings with both adults and children.  

Dr. Bills provides TANT™ workshop training and technical support.  She continues to practice psychiatry as well.  Besides TANT, Dr. Bills enjoys horses, dogs, and the great outdoors.  She is a native Texan and likes to see if she can bring a little bit of Texas and the west wherever she goes.  


Sarah T. Rhodes, MS Ed, MS Phil Ed- TANT™ TRAINER

Sarah is an accomplished clinician as well as being an excellent TANT Trainer.  She participated in a Level One TANT workshop in 2005 and has actively participated in more than 10 TANT training workshops as well as providing TANT supervision both directly and via TANT technical support phone calls.  She has successfully implemented the TANT method with children, adolescents, and adults.  

Sarah completed her BS in Psychology at Pennsylvania State University.  She then went on to complete a Masters of Science in Education and Philosophy of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  She has been trained in the Sanctuary Model of trauma informed care and has helped to implement this model.  She has extensive clinical experience applying the TANT method to help children and families with diverse traumatic stress exposure.  

Sarah provides TANT Level One workshop training as well as supporting TANT Technical Support phone calls.