Who can attend a training?

There is not a specific degree or level of training required to attend a TANT Level One training. The majority of those attending a TANT training are therapists who want a specific method or approach to help their clients in day to day clinical work. It can be helpful for either leaders or staff from an agency participate in a TANT training so that they can support the therapists using this method.

Who can do a TANT training?

The TANT method is taught by senior TANT trainers including Lyndra Bills the developer of this method. The trainers are listed on the TANT website. If someone has completed TANT Level One and Level Two competency and is interested in becoming a TANT trainer, then contact us for more information via the www.LearnTraumaArt.com website.

Is competency required to use the TANT method?

The goal of the TANT training and method is to provide access to a trauma resolution tool. There has not been any report of adverse events or complications in using the TANT method. Competency is recommended to support clinicians in their use of this method. The Level One Competency requirements are designed to support being able to use this method as effectively as possible. If a provider decides to do supervision and to focus on supporting fidelity to the use of the TANT model, then pursuing TANT Level Two competency is recommended.

What materials are available on the TANT method?

The TANT workbook and slide handouts are provided for the Level One training workshop. Other materials and tools which can help with implementing this model are available in the members only section of the TANT website. If you have participated in a TANT training you will be able to access the members only section of the website. Here you will find handouts and more information about applying the TANT method. This also includes a TANT blog which is designed to answer common questions which come up during the use of this method.

How do I know if TANT is the best method to use?

The choice of which trauma resolution method to use when helping someone resolve trauma related symptoms and/or behaviors requires informed consent and collaboration. This is a very important issue in helping someone heal. This is covered in detail during the TANT Level One workshop and is also reviewed during the TANT technical assistance calls. It may be necessary to use supervision and consultation to address these concerns.