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March 24, 2017 Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx, NY   CLOSED

April 28, 2017  Long Island University CW POST Campus, Registration Online is about to open; check back for more details.

January 2017 TA Call

Our January Technical Support/Assistance call reminded us about the shift in the therapist/client relationship that can occur when using the TANT technique.  We may need to prepare our clients for our increased silence and hold on emotional processing while they are doing the steps, and plan for how they can get these needs met outside of TANT session work.  

Technical Support Call

The next Technical Support Call is scheduled for January 27th at 1 pm.  Make sure you register to participate.  If you have questions beforehand, feel free to post here in the Members Only Blog.


Hi Everyone…

Remember you can post questions to the members only blog about using TANT.

This is a good way to make sure you get the feedback you need!

Thanks for sharing.

Lyndra and Sarah

Successful TA Call

Thanks to all members who participated in the TA call on 11/4.  I look forward to the next one on 11/18…